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Regression Games for Unity

Regression Games is developing a platform where studios can build and deploy bots for a variety of use cases in minutes. We are designing for scale (deploy thousands of bots), ease of use (e.g. generative AI to build bots), ease of integration (minimal impact on game development time), and feature richness (e.g. A/B bot test for engagement).


Current Stage of the Product

This product is currently a release preview. We are actively talking with studios and game developers to discover the best features and use cases to tackle, and we're making changes frequently.

The team has focused on the foundation of supporting use cases and initial infrastructure to get bots to connect to Unity. The bulk of our value will come from the interfaces to build bots, the scale of our infrastructure, the speed of integration, and the products built around these bots.

timeline feature

Availability Assurances

The Regression Games team offers the following assurances for our initial testing with developers. Additionally, we have a dedicated Discord server for support, and can also create a Slack Connect channel, giving you direct access to our entire team. For access to these channels, send an e-mail to

  • A single account can run at least 10 bots concurrently
  • The time from requesting a bot to be started to the time it connects to Unity will take less than 10 seconds if the bot is relying on dependencies that are common to most bots. This does not cover bots that may have lots of library dependencies, which may take longer.

Implemented Features

The table below details and links to documentation for the features implemented on our platform.

Unity C# SDKA C# SDK for implementing bots locally in Unity.Link
Bot Code GenerationCreate bots with low-code tools such as behavior trees powered by GPT.Link
Platform and Language AgnosticOur protocol permits bots to eventually be written in multiple engines and languages.Docs coming soon

Importing the Regression Games Unity Bots package

Our package is available via GitHub here. Import the repository by clicking Add package from git URL in the Package Manager window (this window can be opened in the Window > Package Manager menu) and pasting in the following URL.

Screenshot of the package imported into the project

For a full walkthrough on getting started, see the Building Your First Bot tutorial.