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Defining Bots that Adapt to the Game State

Defining a Unity Bot in C# is as simple as creating a MonoBehaviour that implements the IRGBot interface. The IRGBot interface has no methods, but is used by the Regression Games SDK to identify bots that can be started from the in game overlay.

* Outline of this Bot algorithm. For every update:
* - If enough time has passed for the bot to process a new update, handle the update.
* - Select a random nearby player or enemy if one exists
* - Follow that entity at distance 2f
* - Perform a skill targeting that entity and position
* Note: This bot code works with the Unity multiplayer sample project fork @
public class SampleBot: MonoBehaviour, IRGBot
private float _lastUpdate = -1f;
private static readonly float _updateEveryXSeconds = 2.0f;

public void Update()
var time = Time.time;
if (time - _lastUpdate > _updateEveryXSeconds)
_lastUpdate = time;

public void HandleUpdate(GameObject spawnedGameObject)
var entities = FindObjectsByType<ServerCharacter>(FindObjectsSortMode.None);

if (entities.Length > 0)
// default to friendly ability
var skillId = 0;

GameObject target = entities[new Random().Next(entities.Length)].gameObject;
spawnedGameObject.GetComponent<RGFollowObjectAction>().FollowObject(target.transform, 2f);

if (target.GetComponent<RGEnemyState>() != null)
// if enemy.. set ability to 1
skillId = 1;

var targetPosition = target.transform.position;

spawnedGameObject.GetComponent<RGPerformSkillAction>().PerformSkill(skillId, target.GetInstanceID(), targetPosition);
RGDebug.LogWarning("No entities found...");