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Authenticating with API Keys

The Regression Games platform provides the ability to generate API keys, which can be used to authenticate against our API. This is the recommended way to authenticate with our API when connecting external systems to Regression Games.

Generating an API Key

An API key can be generated from your account page. At the bottom of the screen within the API Keys section, enter a unique name for your key, and then click Generate New Key. This token should be copied and stored somewhere safe - you won't be able to see it again after it is generated. Keys have a default expiration date of 1 year.

Generate API Key


Once the key is dismissed, you will never be able to see the API key value again! Make sure to copy this token and store it in a safe location.

Using the API Key

Once you have generated an API key, you can use it to authenticate against our API. To do so, you must include the key in the Authorization header of your request.

Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>

Revoking API Keys

You can remove API Keys at any time by deleting them from the account page. Next to each key is a delete icon, which immediately revokes the key.